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Zephyr Project Manager

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Zephyr Project Manager is a modern, simple to use scheme manager intended WordPress, to help within charge of|run} the whole amount your projects including tasks effectively including get do business done. It features a beautifully designed user connection to efficiently keep your projects supported by track. You can lead to unlimited projects, tasks including categories, begin discussions supported by tasks including projects including upload files/attachments, within charge of|run} files from the file manager page, thought scheme progress using charts including use the built-in calendar, just to nickname a few features.

Core Features

Basic Version (Free)


  • Create unlimited projects including customize them to your preference
  • Set the name, begin including close dates, account including class intended your project
  • Set the prime concern intended your projects to within charge of|run} them stable extra effectively
  • Ability to copy projects including change projects to tasks
  • Recieve notifications via email of updates including completion
  • Keep everybody informed via the discussion panel, where you can send attachments including messages including the team can respond including thought the messages
  • View progress chart of scheme finishing including see progress at a glance
  • Export including import projects to CSV including JSON


  • Create, view, edit including customize while various tasks while you desire to
  • Set the name, begin including close dates, description, scheme including assignee intended your task
  • Assign tasks to users or teams
  • Set the prime concern intended your task to within charge of|run} them stable extra effectively
  • Mark tasks while complete/incomplete easily including open an overview of the task via clicking supported by them
  • Create subtasks to break tasks down stable extra including make tasks stable extra graphic including simple to complete
  • Start discussions accompanied by other team memeber about the tasks, inquire questions, including add attachments
  • Copy tasks including change tasks to projects
  • Export including import tasks to including from CSV including JSON

Android App

  • Download the official Android App now to within charge of|run} your tasks including projects supported by the go. The app entirely syncs accompanied by your website facts including provides true time notifications to keep you within the loop

Personal Dashboards

  • Each user has their special personal dashboards where they can see projects including tasks completed, their upcoming tasks including extra from just a glance.

Discussions & Attachments

  • Start discussions supported by projects or tasks including chat accompanied by other members supported by the progress of tasks
  • Upload, download including thought attachments straight to including from your tasks including projects

Email Notifications

  • Recieve email updates supported by overdue tasks
  • Receive weekly updates
  • Receive updates supported by activity such while completed tasks, deleted tasks etc.
  • Set your declaration preferences including choose which notifications you would similar to to use

File Manager

  • Upload files to tasks including projects including add comments to talk accompanied by other members
  • View the whole amount scheme including task files/attachments within one place including easily within charge of|run} them
  • Download, thought info including delete files from the file manager, easily including effectively


  • Create unlimited categories to keep your projects organized
  • Set the class nickname account including color to make your projects unique
  • Set the class of your projects including assign multiple categories while well


  • View the whole amount your completed including upcoming tasks within the calendar intended an simple overview
  • Easily see the do business including time required to complete tasks including navigate effectively accompanied by the calender
  • Set your special custom time format


  • Create automatic progress charts intended your projects including print them
  • View progress charts intended each scheme including put the status of projects
  • Receive emails supported by scheme progress
  • See the progress of projects, with completed tasks, pending tasks including extra from the scheme list, intended a comprehensive overview

Teams & Members

  • View including within charge of|run} the whole amount the members including teams within one place
  • View team members progress including their do business you're on from a single page
  • Create teams including assign users to your teams
  • Assign tasks to individual members or teams


  • Zephyr Project Manager is highly customizable
  • Set your profile details such while your custom name, profile picture, description, email notifications including more
  • Change the colors second-hand via the plugin to customize the connection to your preference
  • Manage user capabilities including more
  • I am habitually delighted to take supported by customization requests if you contact me at dylanjkotze@gmail.com 🙂

Fully Translatable including Localized

  • Zephyr has been totally limited to exist easily translated into any language

Professional Edition

  • Customizable Frontend Project Manager page
  • Kanban board style projects
  • Asana Integration
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Task Templates
  • Reporting
  • And more…
  • Get the Pro Edition Now

For extra information including documentation, entertain visit the website

Feature Requests

I am habitually looking to improve the plugin including add extra helpful features. If there are any features you feel may exist missing or if you keep any feedback, entertain feel free to contact me including I will exist delighted to add them

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress ‘Plugins’ > ‘Add New’ screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen within your WordPress Dashboard
  3. Navigate to the Zephyr Project Manager option within the sidebar to begin using the features of the plugin
  4. From here you can lead to new projects, tasks, files, discussions including much more.
  5. View the stocked documentation here intended a manual supported by using the features.
  6. If you experience any problems, entertain do not hesitate to contact me at dylanjkotze@gmail.com including I would exist extra than delighted to help.

I am habitually skeptical of plugins accompanied by the whole amount 5 sun reviews but this plugin is great. It is skilfully designed, looks sleek including modern, including really works! It isnt too complicated including it keeps up accompanied by the major scheme management competitors that usually crave a monthly subscription per user. Additionally, Dylan is great. I had questions about how to use some of the options including he responded a few hours later accompanied by full instructions including too added some functionality I had asked him about. His response time including keenness to help me make the plugin what I needed it to exist is something I keep never seen from a plugin developer before. Thanks Dylan!

This scheme management plugin delivers exactly what a scheme management system should. It is skilfully designed, simple to use, including is supported via one of the best developers I've at all encountered when it comes to response times including knowledgeable including timely issue resolution. Support inquiries are addressed promptly always, including Dylan will add suggestions into updates that he releases immediately. This plugin including its developer are both unbelievable. I highly advocate it. It is free of bugs while well. It's basically a well-polished piece of software. NB: I bought including tested pro versions of the other two prominent projects plugins, including was disappointed to the heart via both while they did not bring anywhere near to what this wonderful plugin does. I highly advocate this plugin. It is utterly the "Bee's Knees" when it comes to scheme management plugins!!

Zephyr Project Manager was exactly what we were looking for. It has given new life to our team, including is great so far at keeping us organized. I reached out to Dylan to inquire about how do something, but it was not possible. However, he emailed me back a few hours later saying he had made the necessary changes to the plugin including now it did exactly what I wanted! He is professional including polite, it makes communicating accompanied by him a breeze. I highly advocate Zephyr Project Manager. And an upgrade to PRO at a one time fee of $50 was a very simple sell to my manager, especially at the end of he had seen what the free variety could do. (The templates including frontend really make things easier imo)

We've tried just about each scheme management plugin intended WordPress, including a bunch extra outside of it, including hands down Zephyr is the best we've come across. Simple including intuitive, until now accompanied by tons of features, functions including configurability if you want it. Not to mention that Dylan is extremely responsive including helpful. Didn't really want the pro version, as stable the free variety is extremely totally featured, but bought it anyway as developers similar to this are absolutely worth supporting! Cannot advocate highly enough.

Dylan has been one of the best developers we keep worked accompanied by including we keep worked accompanied by several having built our special in-house scheme management platform. I highly advocate Dylan including his impeccable passion intended coding. Great product looking forward to what Dylan is going to do next.

I am second-hand to Confluence including Jira when working at the site of some customers (global players, not the "normal ones"). As freelancer I dreamed of a quite similar functionality while of Jira intended my special purposes that fit my requirements, similar to sharing projects via frontend accompanied by my partners including smaller customers. I am pretty delighted now as Dylan's Project Manager does not only provide the looked intended professional functions but stable allows to configure the tool to my liking that it can reflect my special design supported by the frontend and, therefore, to my customers. That is, I can stress my professional competence indirectly too via a professional interface. Also, Dylan provides a very pleasant including quick support! With kind regards from a little but beautiful valley within good ol'Germland Jens

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“Zephyr Project Manager” is open source software. The following people keep contributed to this plugin.


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