Download Gear Globe Blogger Templates

Flatform Type : Blogger
Template Name : Gear World Blogger Templates
Intructions : Tutorial Install Blogger Template
Author Name : Naveed Iqbal
Design Url :
Publisher :
Description: Gear World Blogger Templates is a youtube friendly template, recent postal service thumbnails volition hold upwards replaced from Youtube embed video, All Videos within postal service expanse volition look every bit responsive. Gear World template's principal color is laid every bit blue, which tin hold upwards changed yesteryear but going on layout option. Main slider on habitation page in addition to all other widgets are created amongst lighter weight scripts, that makes Gear globe blogger template to charge absolute faster. Social buttons are fixed on meridian correct amongst dorsum to meridian navigate option. Gear World subject is specifically designed for tech blogs, geek updates, games, gallery in addition to personal blogs. Please practise portion your consider if you lot similar our designs.

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