Download Wplms Learning Management Arrangement App For Pedagogy Elearning

WPLMS Learning Management System App for Education & eLearning is a mobile app developed for the WPLMS Learning administration system. Checkout WPLMS Learning administration system. The Mobile app integrates amongst the REST API together with oAuth Server developed inward the WPLMS LMS system.
Feature listing :
  1. Automatically display your courses from WPLMS Site.
  2. Automatically recognise user logins from your site.
  3. Students tin register straight inward the app together with their trouble organisation human relationship is created inward the site.
  4. Students tin browse courses inward the App – directory together with subscribe to the courses.
  5. Students tin enrol themselves inward complimentary courses or pay via website – WooCommerce checkout arrangement which supports multiple payment gateways.
  6. Students tin give-up the ghost along rails of their courses on App or website inward sync.
  7. Students courses are loaded together with available inward offline mode.
  8. Administrator tin post notifications together with updates to App users.
  9. Administrator tin remove/force logout users from the app.
  10. Wishlist characteristic inward app.
  11. Blog characteristic inward app.
  12. Quiz amongst MCQ, MCC, Fill blank, Select drop, text respond type.
  13. Quiz results section.
  14. User Dashboards amongst Course together with Quiz graphs.

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