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Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme is a handcrafted WordPress subject for existent estate websites. It offers utilisation oriented blueprint amongst all the useful features a existent estate website needs. Real Homes subject facilitates its user on front end terminate every bit good every bit on admin-side in addition to makes properties management a breeze.

More About Features…

Advanced properties search provided inwards Real Homes subject is powerful in addition to fully customizable to fulfill diverse needs. You tin flame choose which fields yous desire to display in addition to what information volition hold upward displayed inwards those fields.
You tin flame display multiple place fields to furnish search take similar State > City > Area. You tin flame modify the values of cost fields. You tin flame modify the search behaviors in addition to values for beds in addition to baths fields. In brusk yous tin flame fully customize the search shape to check your ain needs.

Up to four Locations Dropdowns are Supported

Real Homes subject supports upward to four place dropdowns to arrive at search fields similar Country > State > City > Area. These dropdowns industrial plant for locations hierarchy automatically. The numbers in addition to labels of these dropdowns are fully customizable from customizer settings.

Flexibility to Use Search Form Over Image

Search shape over icon module tin flame hold upward enabled for homepage to supplant slider surface area amongst a graceful looking search shape over a background image. Real Homes too provides related customizer settings to fully customize image, search shape fields, text, colors in addition to margins.

Google Maps amongst Properties Markers

Real Homes includes Google Maps API integration that enables yous to display Google Maps amongst properties markers on search results page, properties display pages, holding particular page, dwelling household page, Contact page in addition to taxonomy archive pages.

Compare Properties

Real Homes subject includes compare properties characteristic that allow your website visitor to add together properties to a compare puddle in addition to afterward on compare those properties side past times side. Visitor exercise non demand to login to utilisation this feature. Check out subject demos for existent experience.

List in addition to Grid Layouts

Real Homes subject provides page templates to display properties inwards listing layout in addition to grid layout. These templates are too supported amongst meta boxes to filter in addition to form properties based on your requirements. So basically yous tin flame create whatever type of custom listing of properties based on your ain custom criteria.
Real Homes provides multiple templates to display your properties inwards the shape of a gallery. Each template contains a quick filter based on holding statuses.

Comprehensive, Yet Easy to Use Customizer Settings

Real Homes subject provides a broad prepare of customizer settings that volition aid yous configure in addition to customize materials around your website to a greater extent than easily.
You tin flame customize the cost format to whatever currency inwards the world. You tin flame customize the URL slugs to your required ones. You tin flame customize all the of import materials related to your website using customizer settings in addition to without going into code.

Easy to Use Meta Boxes

Real Homes provides a rich prepare of meta boxes that are super slow to use. The destination of these meta boxes is to arrive easier for yous to add together in addition to modify a property.

Additional Details

Real Homes provides an slow to utilisation interface to add/modify/remove additional details related to a property. This characteristic tin flame hold upward used inwards many ways particularly to add together a for certain type of information for which at that spot is no other meta box available.

Floor Plans

You tin flame add together flooring plans related to a holding using an slow to utilisation interface provided on holding add/edit page on admin-side.

Property Attachments

You tin flame furnish diverse types of files ( pdf, role documents, images etc ) every bit attachments to a property.

Similar Properties

Real Homes subject provides similar properties module on holding particular page which displays properties similar to electrical flow property.

Sub Properties

Real Homes subject provides a sub properties module on holding particular page to display whatever sub/child properties ( similar apartments inwards a edifice ). Each kid holding industrial plant every bit a amount holding independently.

Google reCAPTCHA

Real Homes provides Google reCAPTCHA API integration back upward on all the contact forms inwards subject to preclude spam.

Simple Login & Register OR Social Login Using Any Social Network

You tin flame furnish user registration, login in addition to forgot password features on your site to permit users access fellow member solely features.
Real Homes comes amongst uncomplicated login in addition to registration features from get-go simply Social Login characteristic was introduced inwards version 2.6.1 in addition to allow yous to integrate whatever social network amongst your website for this purpose. Consult the related department inwards documentation for to a greater extent than details.

Easily Customizable Front End Property Submit

This subject provides front end terminate holding submit template in addition to related configurations. So yous tin flame restrain for certain degree of users from accessing administrator dashboard in addition to furnish them an interface on front end terminate to submit properties. Later on website administrator tin flame review in addition to let on the submitted properties. You tin flame too configure the settings to car let on a holding every bit presently the user pays a for certain fee.
Since Real Homes version 2.6.0 yous tin flame show/hide whatever champaign on holding submit form. This volition aid yous enshroud the fields yous intend yous exercise non demand on your website.

My Properties List on Front End

Real Homes subject provides a template to display properties related to electrical flow user on front end end. This template tin flame hold upward used to preview property, edit property, brand a payment for holding or fifty-fifty removing a property. H5N1 user tin flame pay through paypal to instruct his submitted holding published. Payment characteristic tin flame hold upward enabled or disabled from customizer settings.

Favorite Properties

A visitor tin flame add together properties to his favorites collection, So that he tin flame see his/her favorites properties afterward on.
Visitor exercise non demand to login to utilisation this characteristic every bit if he/she is non logged inwards thus the favorite properties information is stored inwards cookies. But if the user is logged inwards thus this information is stored inwards database every bit user meta.

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