Flixible Magazine Responsive Blogger Theme

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Flixible is a responsive Multi Purpose Blogger theme. Flixible could hold out used equally a magazine, newspaper, personal or a niche blog. Flixible comes alongside its 2 columns responsive layout featuring eight dissimilar gallery styles to form your posts.

Flixible also has diverse features to modify together with personalize your topic pattern alongside boxed, sum width, lite together with nighttime layouts. It's also completely explained inwards a real unproblematic build clean documentation.

Theme Features

  1. Fully 100% Responsive

    Flixible is fully responsive to move fine alongside all devices including ( Desktop PCs, Laptops, Tablets together with Smartphones ).

  2. Multiple Layout Styles

    Flixible has Full Width, Boxed, Light together with Dark layout styles.

  3. FontAwesome CSS Icons

    Flixible uses FontAwesome CSS icons to hold out able to exercise several gratuitous retina hit icons alongside but unproblematic code.

  4. Bootstrap Based Theme

    Flixible is based on Bootstrap library which gives the around suitable typography concept through the entire web.

  5. Owl Carousel

    Flixible uses Owl Carousel 2 jQuery plugin inwards several parts including Home Page Featured Posts ( Gallery Slider, Gallery Slider Full, Gallery Carousel, Gallery Carousel Full ).

  6. Highly Condensed Documentation

    Flixible Documentation is highly condensed explaining every role of the theme. Also at that spot is a tool to tending you lot hit the code of featured posts without whatever picayune effort.

  7. 8 Gallery Styles Featured Posts

    Flixible has Eight Gallery Styles for posts inwards dwelling page which are ( Gallery Slider, Gallery Slider Full, Gallery Carousel, Gallery Carousel Full, Gallery Small, Gallery Medium, Gallery Grid together with Gallery Big ). You tin select whatever of them to characteristic posts past times label or recent posts together with you lot tin command the release of posts. You also tin add together multiple groups of posts of the same gallery style.

  8. Featured Posts Hover Icon

    Every postal service within the featured posts, mega card posts together with related posts has a an icon that could hold out laid upwardly past times you. You tin select from betwixt to a greater extent than than 600 icon of Font Awesome icons.

  9. Drop Down together with Mega Menu

    Flixible has a Drop Down alongside 2 levels together with Mega Menu to present posts alongside a label of your choice. You tin exercise Drop Down together with Mega Menu equally many times equally you lot need.

  10. Top Social Icons Gadget

    Flixible has plugin that lets you lot to pose your social links within the traditional Blogger Link List gadget to present social links within weblog header.

  11. Posts together with Static Pages Layout

    Flixible has dissimilar styles for posts together with static pages. Posts accept a sum width championship alongside a background icon automatically picked upwardly from get-go moving painting within your postal service together with related posts that you lot tin alter its championship together with release of posts. Static Pages accept One column agency alongside dainty sum width title.

  12. Custom Label Page

    Flixible has a custom agency for label pages inwards your weblog that shows horizontal posts stacking i past times i inwards a comfortable sentiment to the eye

  13. Custom Archive together with Search Pages

    Flixible has a custom Grid agency for archive together with search pages inwards your blog.

  14. Custom Error 404 Page

    Flixible has an integrated, fast together with unproblematic Error 404 Page. Also you lot tin edit the page if you lot know the HTML together with CSS basics.

  15. Pages Numbering

    Flixible has Pages Numbering that you lot tin enable or disable it together with customize Number of Posts, Pages together with Previous together with Next Text.

  16. Full Set of Short Codes

    Flixible has a dainty mitt picked laid upwardly of brusk codes alongside apartment style. All these brusk codes inwards the demo are beingness explained within the Documentation. In improver you lot tin exercise the other sum Bootstrap Short Codes.

  17. SEO & Adverts

    Flixible is SEO optimized together with Ads Ready equally you lot tin pose your ads every where inwards betwixt featured posts, right sidebar, footer or inwards betwixt posts of label pages, archive pages, search pages, static pages together with posts.

  18. Structured Data Included

    Flixible has a fully correctly added structured information that volition heighten your weblog search results inwards all search engines.

  19. Browsers Compatibility

    Flixible Supports the major spider web Browsers Including ( IE10+, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, Edge ).

  20. Blogger Theme Designer

    Flixible supports the Blogger Theme Designer to hold out able to alter Font, Main Color together with Background of the theme. You Also tin alter the footer release of columns betwixt Three, Two or One. Also, You tin alter Theme Layout together with Home Slider Layout betwixt Full Width together with Boxed

Theme Demo Font

The font used within the demo topic is "Roboto" font together with it's a role of blogger gratuitous fonts. You volition hold out able to alter the font together with then easily from the blogger topic designer together with select betwixt many of gratuitous fonts together with then easy.

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